Honey Bee Necklace Medium Coin


The design was inspired by Claudia’s own beekeeping hobby and offers a new currency for a #strongertogether world. Using gold plated recycled silver to make our coins we have created a unique necklace to symbolise togetherness whilst supporting the conservation of the honey bee. A single bee is not recognized as a single organism, rather as contributing to the health of the colony as a whole and we like to think this necklace channels this spirit.  You can wear this necklace at any length so it will adapt to everything you want to wear.

We like to layer this beautiful golden coin necklace with our favourite necklaces for a modern feel good style, and the golden hue will remind you of the precious golden honey the bees make.


Every single sale supports the conservation of the native UK honey bee. We donate 1% of our annual turnover to the B4 project via 1%fortheplanet