Glenashdale Boxed Saddle Soap 200g


A soft and nourishing texture, paired with a lively and awakening scent of citrus , the Glenshdale luxury soap bar is the perfect gift to yourself or someone special. Enriched with extracts of lemon, grapefruit and bergamot, with a vegetable oil base for an all-natural soap. This soap bar can be used in the bath or shower, lathered up to cleanse the skin and leave a silky, moisturised feel to the body. For a truly opulent experience, treat yourself to our luxurious Glenshdale soap. 

Glenashdale is inspired by the waterfalls that bring a revitalising energy to the southern hills of Arran.

This invigorating fragrance is a zesty blend of freshly rasped lemons and essential oil of grapefruit and finished with the clean, crisp lift of bergamot.

Soap only.